Syncing Facebook Contacts

This shows you Syncing Facebook Contacts - how to sync your Facebook contacts with your apple iphone's contact publication.

10 Second Recap.

1. Open your iPhone's Settings.

2. Scroll down and touch Facebook.

3. Check in with your Facebook password if essential.

4. Slide the Contacts switch to the "on" placement.

Syncing Facebook Contacts.


1. Open your apple iphone's settings. This is the icon with grey cogs situated either on your residence display or in the Utilities folder.

2. Scroll down and tap Facebook. It remains in the 2nd area from all-time low of the menu.

3. Sign right into Facebook if motivated.

4. Move the "Contacts" switch to the "on" position. All your Facebook contacts are now in your Calls app.


* To un-sync your Facebook contacts with you apple iphone, tap the "Contacts" button once more to turn it white.

* If you update your iPhone get in touches with, touch the Update All Calls switch in the Facebook food selection to sync the upgrade on your phone with your Facebook.

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