How Can You See Old Messages On Facebook

This teaches you How Can You See Old Messages On Facebook - how you can read your old chat messages on Facebook. You can do this from within the Facebook Messenger application, or you could utilize the desktop Facebook web site.

10 Second Summary.

1. Open Up Facebook Messenger.

2. Faucet House.

3. Touch a discussion.

4. Scroll down via your messages.

How Can You See Old Messages On Facebook.

Approach 1 On Mobile.

1. Open Up Facebook Messenger. This app appears like a white screw of lightning on a blue background.

* If you aren't signed into Carrier, key in your phone number, tap Continue, and enter your password.

2. Faucet House. It's a house-shaped tab in the bottom-left edge of the display.

3. Touch a discussion. Older messages will be additionally down the page, so you could need to scroll down.

4. Scroll up via your messages. The additional up the page you scroll, the older the messages are.

5. Touch a message you wish to read. This will certainly open it, permitting you to read it.

Technique 2 On Desktop.

1. Most likely to Facebook's web site. Go to in your recommended internet browser. This will certainly load your News Feed if you're currently logged into Facebook.

* If you aren't currently logged right into Facebook, enter your email address (or telephone number) as well as password before proceeding.

2. Click the Carrier icon. It's a speech bubble with a lightning bolt symbol that's in the upper-right side of the Facebook window. A drop-down window will show up.

3. Click See Done In Messenger. This link is at the base of the drop-down window.

4. Scroll down with your conversations. Discussions will certainly be detailed in chronological order, so older ones will certainly be towards the bottom of the page.

5. Click a message you wish to read. Doing so will certainly open it, permitting you to read it.

6. Scroll up with the conversation. The additional up the conversation you are, the older the messages are.

7. Click Settings Picture titled Windowssettings.png. It remains in the upper-left side of the Carrier home window. Doing so triggers a drop-down menu.

8. Click Archived Threads. This option remains in the center of the drop-down menu.

9. Evaluation your archived messages. Any type of messages that you archived will appear below. If you can not locate an old message in your inbox, it could get on this page.


If you erased the message from Facebook Carrier, you likely will not have the ability to retrieve them.


You could not reply to archived messages.

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