How Do I Turn Off Facebook Messenger

How Do I Turn Off Facebook Messenger: The Facebook Messenger application doesn't have a log out switch like the original Facebook application though, which aggravates a number of customers. Regardless, just adhere to the actions below as well as you'll be on your escape.

How Do I Turn Off Facebook Messenger.

Action 1: Directly to the Settings menu of your mobile.

Action 2: In Setups, scroll down to the Apps or Application Manager, and also scroll down until you see Messenger.

Action 3: Tap to the Storage menu as displayed in the picture above.

Tip 4: You ought to now observe two alternatives-- "Clear Information" and "Clear Cache". Simply click on "CLEAR INFORMATION". Now when you go back to tap on Messenger in your application cabinet, you ought to see that it will not log you in immediately.

As well as, you have actually effectively logged out from the Facebook messenger application.

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