How to Restrict On Facebook

This tutorial will reveal you step by step How To Restrict On Facebook. how you can restrict (restrictation) a person on Facebook without unfriending or blocking them.

Restricting someone on Facebook suggests that you will remain pals, but that he or she will just be able to see the blog posts that you share in public or the posts you tag he or she in.

However first:

Feasible reasons you may wish to restrict (restriction) somebody on Facebook.

* You desire to block a person without unfriending them.

* You wish to hide blog posts on your profile (timeline) for particular friends.

* You don't desire a specific individual to see all your articles.

Meaning of Restricted Checklist on Facebook.

If you put someone on the Restricted list, it suggests that you are still friends, yet that this individual can just see blog posts that you share in public or the messages you identify he or she in.

As an example, if you are friends with your employer and also add him or her to the Restricted listing, and afterwards share a photo with the "Pals" setup, after that this picture will not be shown to your employer and other individuals on the list.


If you mark your boss in the picture, or use the "Public" setting, then your boss could see the picture.

This is a great option for if you want to hide messages on your profile (timeline) for sure friends.

As well as currently:

How To Restrict On Facebook.

Restricting Somebody on Facebook without Blocking or Unfriending them (Method 1).

1. Open your internet browser.

2. Most likely to Facebook.

3. Log into your account (if you're not visited already).

4. Go to the profile (timeline) of the close friend you intend to include in your Restricted listing.

5. Relocate the computer mouse guideline (cursor) on the "Friends" button.

6. Click on "Include in another checklist ...".

7. Click on "Restricted".

This pal has actually currently been included in your "Restricted" checklist and this individual can now only see blog posts that you cooperate public or the blog posts you label him or her in.

Restricting A Person on Facebook without Obstructing or Unfriending them (Technique 2).

1. Open your web browser.

2. Go to Facebook.

3. Log into your account (if you're not visited currently).

4. Most likely to your account (timeline).

5. Click "Buddies" (situated just below your cover photo) to open your friends listing.

6. Most likely to the close friend you desire to include to your Restricted listing.

7. Move the mouse tip (arrow) on the "Pals" switch.

8. Click on "Include to one more list ...".

9. Click on "Restricted".

This close friend has actually now been included in your "Restricted" list as well as he or she can now only see blog posts that you share in public or the articles you identify him or her in.

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