Change Facebook Page Name

"Am I able to change my Facebook web page name also though I currently made it? I made the web page name yet however I led to the group's name incorrect. I need to transform it so it is spelled correctly however I do unknown how to do this. Change Facebook Page Name?"

Yes there is a way to alter the name however it currently just functions if the web page has much less than 200 sort. If you made an error developing the web page name you have the option to modify this boo-boo.

Change Facebook Page Name.

To change the name of your web page:

1. Enter into the Web page's admin panel by clicking on the page name in the upper right-hand man corner.

2. Select 'Edit Page'.

3. Go the the left sidebar and also pick 'Standard Info'.

4. In the 'Call' section, modify the message.

5. Save your adjustments.

Keep in mind: If your Page has greater than 200 likes, you will need to get rid of that page and make it again.

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