How to Download A Facebook Video

How To Download A Facebook Video: My uncle wanted me to download some video clips from Facebook for him and the very first point I had to ask myself was, "Did I have any program on my system to download and install Facebook videos?" There are numerous video download programs and/or extensions, yet attempting to obtain one to do everything is not a very easy job.

I went on-line to look for a simple option as opposed to searching my computer, for one reason or another. One of these days I'm mosting likely to need to try to find out just how my mind actually functions.

Anyway, I found an easy solution that really works that doesn't need any type of software download. It works as of 8:11 AM November 1, 2017 on Opera. But internet browsers and also websites change ...

How To Download A Facebook Video.

So, check in to Facebook. Find a video. Click on it to play. I have a click to play option allowed in my Opera web browser so clips like this do not launch automatically. If your video plays automatically, you ready to go.

1. Right-click on the video and also look for the alternative, Show Video clip URL.

2. Highlight the Facebook address that shows up in the little pop-up box. Right-click on it and also duplicate.

3. Paste this in the address or URL bar in your internet browser. A brand-new tab or the very same tab, your selection.

4. At the start of the LINK where it says www, erase the "www" as well as put the letter "m" there so comes to be

5. This will open the video in another page. Now, when the video begins having fun, or is started, right-click on the video clip and seek the option to conserve the video clip ...

6. Click it. Put in a name due to the fact that more compared to likely its name is simply a lengthy string of numbers.

Choose the folder for download which's it.

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