Facebook Page for A Company 2019

In a previous post, I discussed the difference in between a Facebook Page (company or Brand) and also a Facebook Profile (individual human account). Facebook Page For A Company - Since the differences have actually been identified, I believed it would certainly be helpful to take a moment to resolve simply how to properly set up a Facebook Page for your company or brand.

Facebook Page For A Company

First things first, one have to have a Facebook Profile in order to set up a Facebook Page. Don't worry, your individual profile info will certainly not be accessible with the Page that you create.

Login to your Facebook Account as well as go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/browser.php. Click on "Create a Page" which you will certainly discover in the top right edge of the display.

Next, you'll see a display that resembles this:

Here you can choose the proper category for your company. Don't worry, this can be changed at a later time if you're not 100% certain which category your Page need to come under.

As soon as the proper category has actually been chosen, you can then enter in applicable details regarding your company or brand. Keep in mind the purpose of your Facebook Page. If you're a local business, you'll want to include your address, site, phone number, hrs your store is open, etc.

As soon as you have actually checked on package that reads, "I agree to Facebook Pages Terms" click on, "Get Started" and also your Facebook Page will certainly resemble this:

To make use of as an instance, I created a web page categorized under, "Organization" for Ecreativeworks Zucchini Bread Bakers.

Allow Facebook to stroll you with the steps to maximize your Facebook Page. Add an account picture, recommend to friends, import contacts as well as start involving!

When you're creating the material, attempt to be unbiased and include just the pertinent information regarding your company or brand name that is important to your client.

After you have 25 "Likes" or Fans, make certain to claim your Vanity LINK. The Vanity LINK will certainly make it less complicated for people to discover as well as remember your Page.

Have a good time! Play around and also use the Tools as well as Apps that are available making your Facebook Page a valuable part of your Internet Marketing strategy.

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