Best Image Size for Facebook 2019

Social media site must be a huge part of your online marketing strategy, as well as photos are unbelievably vital for your social media blog posts to be successful. Best Image Size For Facebook: In order to take full advantage of the advantages that social media can have for your company, you must make sure you are producing photos that are ideally suited for each and every social networks platform. It can be overwhelming to aim to bear in mind all the proper dimensions for every single platform. To assist you, I have developed this handy cheat sheet that you could refer to when you are developing social media sites graphics. If the process still appears overwhelming to you, Houndstooth would be thrilled to develop some customized graphics for your social media accounts.

Best Image Size For Facebook

Page Profile

As with Instagram, your Facebook Profile should have a square plant. The Photo or logo design have to be 180 x 180 pixels or bigger, although Facebook will scale it to 160 x 160 pixels on your Page and also 32 x 32 pixels as the thumbnail across the system. Make sure your picture works well under these really small specifications.

Cover Photo

Because Facebook can't make things simple for us, the aspect proportion of your Facebook cover Photo will certainly appear various on different devices. The Photo will appear 820 x 310 pixels big (or a 205:78 ratio) on desktop computers as well as 640 x 360 pixels (16:9) on smart devices. Try to create a picture that services both desktop as well as mobile. Your cover Photo should be at the very least 399 x 150 pixels large.


The excellent dimensions for an in-stream Photo on Facebook is 940 x 788 pixels (which will certainly after that be reduced to 472 x 394).


For the best outcomes, create your Photo to be 1920 x 1080 pixels big. This photo will then be scaled down to 470 x 174 pixels.

One last suggestion regarding social media sites graphics. We like Canva for creating outstanding social media sites graphics. Not just do they make visuals style accessible to non-graphic developers, they offer themes for every single social networks platform that are currently scaled to the perfect dimensions.

Make certain to pin or print our useful overview of ensure that you are optimizing your photos on all social media sites networks.

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