Can You Post Animated Gifs On Facebook

Facebook initially desired absolutely nothing to do with GIFs as they feared it would make the website appearance unpleasant as well as cluttered. Seeing as exactly how everywhere else has welcomed them, Facebook had no real choice to get aboard with them and start playing nicely. If you intend to upload a GIF on Facebook, you can. Here's Can You Post Animated Gifs On Facebook.

Love them or loathe then, GIFs are all over. A lot of them are lame or just ordinary stupid yet a few can be extremely brilliant certainly. If you enjoy GIFs and also wish to share them far and wide, you can. It isn't really as very easy as it could be to upload a GIF on Facebook though.

Can You Post Animated Gifs On Facebook

A GIF is a Video Interchange Format picture. It isn't constantly a solitary image yet could additionally be a collection of frameworks encapsulated within a single image documents. That is why they can consist of computer animations as the container plays the series of structures continuously to supply the intended effect. Technically, a GIF data is a fixed picture as well as a relocating data is a Computer animated GIF however we refer to both types as GIF data.


Not as long earlier, you had to create a GIF file on your tool, upload it to Giphy or Imgur or somewhere as well as connect to it in your Facebook article. While you still need to do that in some circumstances, Facebook currently directly supports GIFs as well as could hold them directly on the page.

To include a GIF to a post or comment:

- Compose your post or comment customarily.
- Select the little grey GIF symbol in the input box.
- Select from trending GIFs or look for one in the search bar at the top.
- Select it to add it.

There are a great deal of pre-selected trending GIFs offered from within the option box. Scroll down the box to see even more, the listing is limitless it seems. Otherwise, add your search term to package on top to locate another suitable.


If you wish to utilize a GIF in a standing update in Facebook you still need to do it the old made way. That means creating or posting a GIF to a third party site as well as connecting to it in your status upgrade. It doesn't take long.

Go to a site such as Giphy or Imgur as well as find a GIF. I'll use Giphy in this example.

- Locate a GIF you intend to utilize in your status upgrade.
- Select Copy Link on the right of the GIF.
- Select Short Link and also copy it.
- Paste it into your Facebook status update.
- Edit it if you like and also include any comments.

The GIF should show up in your upgrade as quickly as you add the link. You can after that remove the short link from the blog post itself if you do not want it showing and also the GIF must remain in position.


There are hundreds of GIFs around that express pretty much every situation or emotion conceivable. If you can not find the one that summarizes the scenario perfectly, you can create your own. It is quite straightforward to do even if Giphy themselves don't make it that clear.

- Discover an image or video you want to utilize and also upload it to the GIF creation web page right here. If you intend to make an animated GIF you're going to need a series of photos to create the animation.
- Order the pictures to create the computer animation you're seeking.
- Include a period so the GIF understands for how long to run before it loopholes.
- Add a subtitle, impacts, tags or whatever you wish to the collection.
- Select create GIF to do simply that.
- Edit as well as examine your GIF before sharing it.

You could make use of a video area if you prefer, just submit the video clip to Giphy, set the start time for the initial structure of the GIF as well as the period. The timing may take a little working out to finish the loophole at specifically the correct time but it isn't really difficult. Then complete the procedure above by including any type of subtitles or tags before saving.

Once full, make use of the Short Link as above to share it on Facebook or any place you want.

It is a lot easier to publish a GIF on Facebook compared to it used to be however given that this is Facebook, it isn't really always as easy as it could be. Now at the very least you have a concept of the best ways to do it.

Know of any other ways to publish a GIF on Facebook? Any cool devices to create computer animated GIFs? Inform us about them below if you do.

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