Facebook Relationship Status Change

Today at we are going to share with you Facebook Relationship Status Change Many times some people want to change their relationship status on Facebook, but without letting others find out about it. It's true, some individuals are autists as well as they intend to covertly change the Facebook relationship status. And in some scenario when individuals separate, then they feel embarrassed or unpleasant to change their relationship status as it will reveal your change in relationship status in your friends news feed.

Facebook Relationship Status Change

Treatment to secretly change relationship status on Facebook.

# 1) Navigate to the About section on your timeline and seek the relationship under Family & relationship

# 2) Under the relationship section, on the right side you will find Edit link. Click on that Edit link.

# 3) Prior to changing your relationship status according to your situation, may be single or complicated or one more, change the privacy to "Only Me" and afterwards change the status as well as Save Changes.

Now nobody can see your relationship status as it is readied to Only me so only you could see your relationship status.

But suppose you intend to make it visible on your timeline under Regarding area however don't want it to be visible on friends information feed at the time of changing relationship status indicates modification relationship status without publishing. So exactly what you need to do is no need of transforming the personal privacy, as soon as you have transformed your relationship status, promptly most likely to your timeline and also look for the relationship status message that you have changed. On the top right of that message, click the Edit link as well as pick Hide from Timeline. After that it will not show on your timeline and your friends' news feeds. This is how you can privately change relationship status on Facebook without letting others learn about it.

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