How to Change Privacy Settings On Facebook

Social media sites as the name indicates are by their very nature 'social'. How To Change Privacy Settings On Facebook - Sites for sharing information, suggestions, occasions and more. Nevertheless, not everything wishes to be shared on sites like Facebook. Particularly photos, videos and status updates, are frequently best shared amongst 'friends' and not the entire of the Internet.

How To Change Privacy Settings On Facebook

Points you'll need

Your Facebook account open and also a bit of time.

1. Why is this significant?

Envision you have established a Facebook Page for your team or organisation. Do you really desire everyone to connect right into your photos and also status updates? How does this look if someone observes something concerning your organisation they 'd truly rather not see? It has every chance of discouraging them from making that enquiry and even making that donation!

This could happen if your own individual account is 'clicked' on, by someone that is not a 'friend' of your own, As Well As your personal privacy settings are viewable by 'Everyone'.

2. Exactly how very easy is this to do?

It's really easy to do ...

Utilizing the 'drop down' menu pick 'Account' as well as 'Privacy Settings'.

This will raise the 'Sharing on Facebook' display and also this is where you can tailor-make who is able to see your personal information.

3. Changing your settings

Change as a lot of the settings as you want, just by clicking on the suitable location:

- Everyone.
- friends of Friends.
- Friends Only.
- Recommended.
- Custom.

Once this is done, these new settings can be saved. Individuals who aren't friends of 'A N Other' see just several of their profile info.

4. See How-to ...

This web link will take you to a video, please watch with the audio on.

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