How to Tag A Business Page On Facebook

Follow this overview of How To Tag A Business Page On Facebook's mobile app

Did you recognize you can tag Facebook pages in your Facebook posts? If you have actually yet to try this feature yourself, our guide will certainly show you ways to tag pages in your posts in the Facebook application.

Keep in mind: These screenshots were caught in the Facebook app on iOS.

How To Tag A Business Page On Facebook

Action 1: Touch the News Feed button in the bottom-left corner of the display to visit your News Feed.

Step 2: Faucet "What's on your mind?" near the top of the display to start producing a new post.

Keep in mind: If you take care of a Facebook page, you could likewise tag various other pages by creating a post from the page itself (tap "Write something ..." on the Facebook page).

Steps 3 and 4: Type the @ icon, followed by the name of the page you 'd like to tag. The app will present search results under the name as you type. Touch the proper Facebook page in the search results to include the tag to the post. Note: While you're developing a post, tags are received a light blue color, as well as they can be put anywhere in a sentence.

Once you've released the post, the tag will be a clickable link to the marked Facebook page.

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