How to View Blocked List On Facebook

How To View Blocked List On Facebook ~ Your Facebook blacklist lets you see a list of whatever you have blocked on Facebook, including Users, applications and also some types of requests. From the Manage Blocking Page, you could additionally add brand-new people, apps or demands to the blacklist, stopping that content from troubling you with alerts. This works for straining troublesome applications and also individuals when you're using Facebook for business purposes. If you make use of a Facebook Page for your company, you could see a list revealing all Users you have actually Banned from your Page.

How To View Blocked List On Facebook

Action 1

Click Facebook's "Account Menu" drop-down menu, which is the downward-facing arrowhead beside Residence, and also pick "Privacy Settings"

Step 2

Click the "Manage Blocking" link to open your Facebook blacklist. This Page details every little thing you have actually blocked on Facebook, consisting of Users, apps and occasion, or application welcomes from certain individuals.

Action 3

Each area lists the obstructed people or apps. Click "Unblock" beside any kind of entrance to remove the block for that person or app. Facebook updates the settings immediately, so click "Facebook" or "Back to Privacy" when you're done to exit the Manage Blocking screen.


From your Bussiness' Facebook Page Admin Panel, choose the "Edit Page" drop-down list and also pick "See Banned Users" for a checklist of Users you have actually Banned from your Page.

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