Retrieve Facebook Password without Email

Retrieve Facebook Password Without Email: This tutorial is if you've forgotten your current Facebook password. If you recognize your password however wish to change it, click on the tutorial listed below:

Retrieve Facebook Password Without Email

1. Go to the Facebook Login Page

First of all, make certain your e-mail is the proper e-mail for your Facebook. If it is, click the "Forgot Your Password" web link.

If you have actually currently tried visiting, your Page will appear like below.

Click the "Forgot Your Password" near the bottom.

2. Pick Your Retrieval Alternative

If you utilize Yahoo, GMail or a Real-time account as your Facebook e-mail, you can set your Facebook password to the same as your email account. Click on the first option then the "Continue" button.

A pop-up will appear where you could click on "Continue", allowing Facebook to access your email account (envisioned is Yahoo) to gather your contacts as well as fetch your email password.


If you select this alternative, you're completed and also can log right into Facebook with the password you use for your e-mail account.

If you want a different password from your email account (extremely advised in case a person hacks your email), pick alternative two. In a seperate home window, open your e-mail account. You'll have a code sent to you email like the one below:

Return to your Facebook as well as kind the code in:

3. Create a New Password

See to it to Create a "medium" or "strong" password. Having a weak password makes it easy for hackers to get to your info. After you Create your password, click the "Continue" button to obtain visited.

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