How to Hide My Birthday On Facebook

Birthdays are unique. Thanks to Facebook, everybody now 'keeps in mind' your birthday. Whether it's your colleagues or a remote family member, every person will suddenly start crowding your timeline on your birthday - How To Hide My Birthday On Facebook.

However, it's more special when you recognize that the individual actually remembers your birthday and also they spent some time to either call you or leave a cozy message.

If you do not the like the phony birthday wishes or you would like to know that in fact remembers your birthday without a Facebook reminder, you can hide your birthday from your Facebook account. In this message, we tell you the best ways to hide your birthday from your friends on Facebook.

How To Hide My Birthday On Facebook

If you don't want others to obtain alerted concerning your birthday or, to puts it simply, you wish to hide your birthday alert from your buddies, all you have to do is transform the privacy of your birthday.

You need to maintain it visible to yourself just and that way others won't obtain an alert that it's your birthday.

Here's how to do it online and also mobile applications.

Utilizing Facebook Internet Site

Action 1: Open the Facebook internet site on your PC as well as visit with your account. Go to your profile page as well as click About existing below the cover picture.

Step 2: Then, from the left sidebar, click Contact and basic info.

Action 3: In the Contact and basic info alternative, scroll down and also you will see Date of birth under Basic Information. Float your mouse over Date of birth and also click the Edit choice.

Tip 4: Click the Audience selector icon next to the month and date and transform it to the Only me option. Click the Save changes switch.

Using Facebook Mobile Application

Action 1: Open the Facebook app on your mobile and also go to your account. Tap the Edit Profile alternative present listed below your profile photo.

Action 2: Scroll down and also touch on Edit your About Info. Then, on the following display, again scroll down and tap the Edit choice next to Basic Info.

Step 3: Touch the audience selector tool next to the birthday alternative and pick the Only me option from the menu. Tap the Save button at the bottom of the display.

That's it. Now your pals won't be alerted on your birthday.

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