Block My Friends List On Facebook 2019

Facebook gives you the capability to share all kinds of details with your organisation colleagues, such as important updates, employment history or even your friends. Block My Friends List On Facebook - Left untreated, your account page can be quickly watched by just about anybody with a Web connection. While this can be valuable when aiming to increase your local business's Internet visibility using your Facebook account, it can additionally be damaging at times. Facebook does provide all customers the capability to personalize all privacy setups, however. For instance, the web site enables you to avoid people from viewing your friends list by accessing as well as modifying the basic safety and security choices.

As i currently informed you that Facebook has great deal of privacy setting as well as by utilizing it you can make your Facebook account very protected and also private. Currently Facebook customer has his control over lot of points on his Facebook account and Blocking Facebook friend list from other is additionally part of Facebook privacy setting.In situation if you don't desire strangers to see your friend list after that you could just conceal it from them. Blocking Facebook friend list from public or from your Facebook friends is extremely easy. For block your Facebook friend list from public just adhere to the this guide:

Block My Friends List On Facebook

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1. Log right into your Facebook account as well as click your name at the top right edge to view your account page.

2. Click the "Edit" switch at the top right edge of your profile page. An "Edit Profile" page opens.

3. Click "Friends and Relationships" on the left side of the page. New alternatives show up allowing you to modify your friends list privacy settings to name a few things.

4. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the "Friends" section.

5. Select either "Friends" or "Only Me" to prohibit people from seeing your friends list. "Friends" limits access to your friends list to only your friends. "Only Me" restricts accessibility to every person other than you.

6. Click "Save Changes" to finish.


1. Log into your Facebook account and click your name on top right corner to view your profile page.

2. Click "Friends" on top of your timeline to see your friends list.

3. Click the "Edit" switch at the top right of the page. A drop-down menu shows up.

4. Click the downward-pointing arrow in the drop-down menu. More alternatives appear.

5. Select either "Friends" or "Only Me" to ban individuals from watching your friends list. "Friends" restricts accessibility to your friends list to just your friends. "Only Me" limits access to every person except you.

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