How to Hide Photo On Facebook 2019

How To Hide Photo On Facebook: Just what do you do when you do not desire your ex-girlfriend (with which you're friends on Facebook) to see the pictures of your new girl that you simply published? Exactly how do you hide the breaks of the weekend alcohol consumption binge you had with your friends, from your conventional family members (and also moms and dads )?

In both the above-mentioned circumstances, not having such individuals as friends on Facebook is constantly an alternative. Yet that may not be one of the most convenient one. Fortunately, there's a method to hide your Facebook pictures, videos, and status updates, from people who shouldn't see them.

How To Hide Photo On Facebook


Now, lets see how we could hide an entire image album on Facebook from specific people.

Step 1. Go to the sidebar on your Facebook homepage as well as click on Photos - > My Uploads to access your albums.

Step 2. Click Edit Info on the album page. As you see below, I am planning to hide the photos that obtain auto-posted to Facebook from my Posterous blog site.

Action 3. Clicking Edit Info brings up the Edit album page where you'll locate a dropdown menu in the Privacy area. There again you'll find a Custom option that you need to click.

Tip 4. This action is the same as Step 3 in the hiding a Facebook status procedure. You can either make the album visible to particular individuals or key in the names of individuals you wish to hide it from.

That was about hiding your details from specific Facebook friends. Next time you are about to upload something mischievous, simply make sure you undergo these basic steps initially. Can save you a lot of humiliation as well as hassle.

How do i hide only one photo from an album from only one individual?

- Open the image you want to hide.
- In alternative that can see this picture choose Custom (received screen shots).
- Enter the name of that person your don't wish to share pic with and also Click save. And also it will be done!

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