How to Put someone On Restricted List On Facebook 2019

We have all needed to accept Facebook friend requests from people we 'd rather not share intimate details of our everyday lives with, whether that's your manager, a somewhat weird acquaintance, and even your mommy - How To Put Someone On Restricted List On Facebook.

Did you know you could set up a "restricted" list on Facebook that prevents list members from seeing material you deliberately make public?

The restricted list is an unique friend list every Facebook individuals has by default (you do not need to develop it). People you add in the your restricted friend list will only see your public posts as well as status updates. So if you are friends with colleagues and companies and do not desire them to see any one of your posts besides public updates, the restricted list is the way to go.

How To Put Someone On Restricted List On Facebook

Now here is exactly how you find the so called "restricted list of friends" on Facebook:

1. Login to your Facebook account, click the "inverted triangle" symbol and also select "settings".

2. Click "Blocking" in the left sidebar.

3. In the following page, select "Edit list" under the area "restricted list", as displayed in the following example:

4. When you click "Edit", you will certainly have the ability to include or eliminate Facebook friends to your restricted list. You would additionally have the ability to review which of your existing freinds were currently included in this list and are banned from seeing any of your updates that are not public.

Another means ...

Head to the Facebook account page of the person you wish to Add to your restricted list. Click the "Friends" drop-down box that appears at the bottom right of their cover photo. Select the option "Add to another list"

Now, click the "restricted" setting that appears on the next menu. This ought to enbolden the message as well as put a check mark alongside it.

Now, when you following post web content, you can chose whether you want it to be public web content or just for the eyes of your Facebook friends.

To change this personal privacy setup as you publish, click on the drop-down box below your pending post as well as select the option that matches your web content.

If you choose "Friends", the people on your restricted list will certainly not see the post. If you pick "Public" they will.

This is a great approach of ensuring particular people just see posts you agree to earn public.

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