How to Remove A Comment On Facebook 2019

How To Remove A Comment On Facebook: The number of times in your life have you blurted out commentary without believing, then instantly wanted you could take it back? Probably numerous. It's not a surprise that the very same thing happens regularly on Facebook Except for this time around, your words could be celebrated on the net for life. Thankfully, Facebook lets you remove a comment just as conveniently as you can edit one. One dumb comment isn't worth shedding friends over, besides.

How To Remove A Comment On Facebook

You could erase certain comments and posts in Facebook utilizing either the mobile application or the desktop computer website. comments that you've made in addition to comments that others have made on your posts can be removed, but you can not delete comments on posts that aren't your own. You can likewise erase posts that you have made or that others have made on your timeline.

Removing a comment on Facebook only takes a few seconds, yet if you're pushed to get rid of one promptly, right here's an easy guide.

How you can delete a comment on Facebook

1) From your desktop computer

To erase a comment on Facebook, just float your computer mouse over the comment you want to eliminate forever. Click the "..." switch. Once you click the switch, click Delete as well as your comment will be removed.

2) From your smart phone

Discover the comment you intend to remove as well as push down over the comment, holding your finger there till a dialog box turns up. When the box shows up, tap Delete and your comment will certainly be completely removed. Or if you simply desire to edit, you can select edit from here too.

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