How to Turn Location Off On Facebook 2019

How To Turn Location Off On Facebook: It seems like every few years I post something on Facebook as well as it reveals the Location I posted from. Each time I experience my privacy settings and also I can not locate ways to turn it off. After that I Google it, read through a bunch of answers and then remember. It's really very straightforward (yet not instinctive) to switch off the Location on your Facebook posts.

How To Turn Location Off On Facebook

How to Turn Off Your Location on Facebook Posts

Most likely to the post that reveals the Location, here's an example of among mine:
After that on the top upper right, click the down arrow. It will certainly bring up a menu. Select, "Change Location".
You'll obtain a popup and it will have an x in the top right edge. When you click it you'll see the message that claims "Remove". Click the x.
This must get rid of the Location from every post from then on. You could return and remove the Location from old posts.

The best ways to turn Your Facebook Location Back On

If you want to turn the Location on, just click the down arrowhead and pick the "Change Location" once again. Then by hand enter your Location. It will certainly show your Location on every post afterwards. You already recognize the best ways to switch off that setup.

You may want to turn on the Location if you're at a conference, want to display that you're on getaway or in a fantastic place.

How to Switch off Your Location on Messenger

I suggest that you switch off Location for Messenger (Facebook's instant messaging solution). To do that on an apple iphone, go to Setting > Location Services and turn Location off for Facebook Messenger. For my iPhone 6, it's a little different. I go to Settings > Privacy and Location Services. Scroll to Facebook as well as select Never. For Android users, you go to the Facebook Messenger app to disable Location.

There you have it. You now understand ways to remove the Location from your Facebook posts from your computer system. Hope this helps!

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