How to Restore Deleted Instagram Messages (DM)

Surely it will be very important if a message / chat on the messaging application is deleted, including Instagram, whether done intentionally or unintentionally. And to make matters worse, many assume that DM that has been deleted cannot be restored. Because indeed not many people know about how to restore deleted Instagram DM.

For those of you who are currently looking for a solution how to view instagram messages that have been deleted or want to see DM that is confidential? This time will provide a tutorial or a secret trick to see the dm instagram that has been deleted on android. In general, many users who delete instagram DM messages are to leave traces of an undisclosed chat.

How to Restore Deleted Instagram Messages (DM)

How to Restore Deleted Instagram Messages (DM)

This method you can use for other needs such as girlfriend's cellphone, friends or others by recovering deleted ig messages. Then, how to see direct messages or DM on Instagram that has been deleted? Here will be given two choices of ways that you can choose either using a PC or without a PC, following the full review

# 1. How to display instagram DM Via Instagram message recovery "No PC"

For the first way, we don't need any additional devices, without a PC. Many Instagram Android users do not know this feature, which is deliberately provided by Instagram itself, either to display or return Instagram Direct messages. For steps to restore Instagram DM using Instagram Message Recovery, you can see as follows.

* First, please visit the Recover Messages site

* If so, now type in your Instagram username (Instagram account)

* Then later you will be asked to verify. If so, your DM Instagram message that has been deleted will return to your Instagram account.

Very easy and simple right? Actually there are other easy and powerful ways to restore direct message messages using a PC. For more details, please refer to the following review.

# 2. How to restore deleted Instagram DM via PC

For the second way, this can be said to be the most effective and guaranteed success for returning or viewing deleted direct messages that have been deleted on Instagram. Because we use a PC it requires the support of another application called recover phonleab. Then, how to use it? Please follow the easy steps below.

Download the recover phonleab application according to the OS used on your PC. For the download link below, please choose just one.


Mac OS

If you have downloaded and installed it on your PC, then for the next note the steps below.

* First, run the Recover Fonleab software and then you connect it to your Android phone or iPhone with a PC using a data / usb cable. If it is connected then follow the instructions that appear or continue to the next step.

* Your cellphone will be detected in the Fonleab program, in this case there will be three DM recovery mode options including Recover from iOS Devices, Recover from iTunes Backup Files and Recover from iCloud File Backups. Because in this case we need to find Instagram messages deleted from the device directly, please click Recover from iOS Device

* If the Scaning process is complete, the results of the scan will be displayed in the left sidebar grouped by file type. Now tap Messages from the sidebar to preview Instagram messages on the right. Continue by describing which items you want to return then continue by clicking Recover to save them to your computer.

* Done, the Recover Fonleab software will automatically display the DM on your Instagram that has previously been deleted.

How easy and simple is not it? That's all I can share about how to restore deleted Instagram direct messages on Android. Hopefully useful and good luck

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