Ways to Save Facebook Videos Easily on Ios

HP iOS users are often considered to be special, have different systems or tips for doing things. However, it does not happen in all things, such as storing Facebook videos for example, users can still do the same way with Android HP devices.

No need to use a third party application specifically for downloading videos which could be that you will get so many ad impressions. Just use a browser application, then everything is ok and you can get the video in question in the world's largest social media platform.

For those of you who are users of iOS-based devices such as the iPhone or iPad, you can easily follow the steps on how to download Facebook videos below.

Ways to Save Facebook Videos Easily on Ios

Ways to Save Facebook Videos Easily on Ios

To implement the following methods, it is strongly recommended to use the Firefox browser application, because browsing applications such as Safari and Chrome do not yet have the features needed to do so.

First, you can open the site or Facebook application first

Then search for the video, and if you have found it please click share and "Copy Link"

The next step is to enter the Firefox browser application, then access the fbdown.net site

Next, you can paste the copied link in the available column

In the next option, you can choose the desired video quality, whether you want normal or HD desired

Next you can select Download Link in Firefox

Then please open the download in your browser, for iPhone it's usually in the lower right corner, while the iPad is in the upper right corner. Then click "Save Video"

After that, you can enter the Photos application to get all photos and videos stored in the phone's memory

That's about how to download videos on Facebook via HP iOS easily and quickly without the help of the download application in the App Store. Good luck.

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