How to Link Facebook and Twitter Accounts 2019

A lot of us have people in our Facebook pals lists and people in our Twitter followers list. How To Link Facebook And Twitter Accounts ~ The simplest way to get to both listings at the same time is to link your Facebook account to your Twitter account. After connecting the two accounts, your Twitter tweets show up automatically on your Facebook web page.

How To Link Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Go to http://www.facebook.com/twitter and also click the "link to twitter" switch. You can connect your personal account (on top) and/or any of your Facebook web pages all from this page.

Note: you should be logged in to the Twitter account you are attempting to web link.

From there it will certainly take you to a timely to authorize Facebook to use your account. If you are not logged in, you will should enter your Twitter username and also password initially.

As soon as you click on "Authorize" it will certainly redirect you back to Facebook where you see the following screen and also could choose what sort of web content you wish to share by clicking on packages.

Right here you could choose how much information you want to show to Twitter then click "save changes" as well as you're ready! Currently you'll be able to just upload a status update in Facebook that will conserve you from having to login to both solutions as well as publish 2 separate updates.

Note: given that Twitter has a 140 personality limit, it will immediately trim your post with an immediately created short LINK (Example fb.me/ XYC) that will connect back to the original blog post on Facebook.

Linking Your Tweets to Facebook

1. Click the profile symbol in the leading right edge of your Twitter display. Click "Settings" from the drop-down menu - (http://twitter.com/settings/applications).

2. Click "Profile" on the left side of the screen.

3. Click the "Post your Tweets to Facebook" switch at the end of the display.

4. Click the "Sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts" button.

5. Enter your Facebook email address as well as password if motivated.

6. Click the "Log In with Facebook" switch.

7. Click the "Allow" button. Your Facebook account is verified then linked to your Twitter account.

Tips: If you desire to publish your tweets to a Facebook page that you take care of, inspect the "My Facebook page" alternative as well as choose a Facebook page from the drop-down menu. To unlink your Facebook account from your Twitter account, click the "Disconnect" web link in the Facebook panel of the profile-settings screen.

Caution: Twitter "@reply" messages will not be released to your Facebook wall surface.

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