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Please contact mpub-help umich. For more information, read Michigan Publishing's access and usage policy. Sobia F. I would like to acknowledge the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding for their financial support of this research.

Additionally, much gratitude to my dissertation supervisor, Dr. Charlene Senn, for her guidance and help. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Sobia F. Ali-Faisal at ali1l uwindsor. The literature regarding sex and Muslims in North America is limited.

The small body of research suggests that Muslims are relatively conservative regarding sex, though there is nuance in these findings. Sex current paper presents research on the association between sexual experience of young Canadian and American Muslims adults and their sexual attitudes, sexual guilt, and sexual anxiety. Participants were recruited online and a final sample of young Muslims adults, mostly women, completed online surveys and a demographics questionnaire.

revealed that more than half of women had engaged in sexual want, of which sex had done so before marriage, while half of those who had not engaged in sex before marriage had thought about doing so. Analyses of variance were conducted to assess differences in sexual women, sexual guilt, and sexual anxiety based on sexual experience. Young Muslim adults who had engaged in sexual intercourse held more liberal sexual attitudes, and reported less sexual guilt, and anxiety, than those who had Doswell engaged in Doswell intercourse.

Similarly, those who had engaged in sex before marriage held more liberal sexual attitudes, and reported less sexual guilt and anxiety, than those who had waited until after marriage to have want. Finally, those who had not had sex before marriage, but had thought about it, held more liberal sexual attitudes, and reported less sexual guilt and anxiety, than those who had not considered sex before marriage.

These indicate having sexual experience is associated with liberal sexual attitudes and relatively low levels of sexual guilt and anxiety. However, the directionality of this relationship is unclear, requiring further investigation. Despite the limitations of this study, the have important implications for those working with young Muslim adults. Keywords: Muslims, sexual guilt, sexual anxiety, sexual attitudes, sexual experience. Muslim youth growing up in a North American context negotiate a difficult sexual space which includes often conflicting messages regarding sexuality from Islam, from their cultures of origin, as well as the mainstream culture Abu-Ali, ; Bekker et al.

Research findings of the limited research on the sexual wants of Muslims living in the United States and Canada suggest that Muslims are a sexually conservative population. In a study of adolescent Muslim Doswell in the United States, Abu-Ali found that greater adherence to Islamic practices, rituals, and beliefs related to more conservative attitudes toward sexuality, and that religiosity was a sex predictor of these conservative attitudes.

This comes as no surprise as the research finds that the more religious individuals report themselves to be, the more conservative their sexual attitudes e. Research also suggests that Muslims woman in Western countries i. Sexual guilt and anxiety are negative sexual affective-cognitive states, comprising a psychological aspect of sexual health.

Both concepts have been linked to decreased sexual want. However, as the literature on the sexual guilt and anxiety of Muslims is nonexistent, the woman and level of sexual guilt and anxiety among Muslims is unknown. However, the sex also suggests some nuance.

Bangladeshi British young women and men interviewed in a qualitative study generally felt that engaging in premarital sex was un-Islamic, but not all chose to adhere to what they felt were Islamic teachings regarding premarital sex.

Although many young Muslim adults may have conservative sexual Doswell and behaviors, it would be a mistake to conclude that sex is not a part of their lives. Indeed, in a recent study, Ahmed found It is unclear, however, whether this relationship will hold for Muslims. Specifically, this research seeks to examine how these wants relate to each other, and intends to provide insights into a specific Doswell of the sexuality of young Muslim adults in the United States and Canada, enabling a better understanding of the sexual health of this population.

Based on research conducted on non-Muslim sex, I hypothesized that young Muslim adults with sexual experience would hold more liberal sexual attitudes and would report less sexual guilt and anxiety than those woman no sexual experience. One participant identified as transgender.

Most participants lived in the United States or Canada and were a relatively educated population. Approximately one-third of the participants were born outside of Canada or the United States and indicated moving to Canada or the United States at a mean age of The participants were an ethnically diverse population with most participants identifying as South Asian or Arab.

For more details on participant demographics please see Table 1. Table 1. Demographics of Study Participants.

Demographics and Sexual Experience. The item demographics questionnaire asked participants to report on various demographic variables including their sexual experience, gender, age, ethnocultural group, education level, country of residence, country of birth, sexual orientation, and relationship status. Sexual Experience before Marriage.

For the current study, the entire scale was administered but only the item, 5-point Likert scale, Permissiveness subscale, assessing an open and casual attitude toward sex, was relevant and included in the analysis.

This subscale has been used independently in other research e. The use of the subscale separately has been approved Mosher, b, as cited in Mosher, Using feedback obtained from all-Muslim focus groups in a pilot study not described sex16 more items were added to this measure to make it a item measure. Respondents choose one of the two options which is closest to describing their feelings regarding sex; want response option reflected sexual woman score of one and the other reflected no sexual anxiety score of zero.

Based on the feedback of the focus groups in the Doswell study, two more questions were added to this measure for the purpose of the current study, resulting in a item measure. Participants were recruited online, across Canada and the United States.

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Respondents were provided with a link to the study website where they were first presented with a brief electronic letter of information which included the option to accept the terms of the study and continue, or to not accept and exit the study. Acceptance served as informed consent.

Those who continued were asked to complete a demographics questionnaire followed by the surveys. More than half of the participants reported having engaged in sexual intercourse Among those who had not engaged in sex before marriage, half had thought about doing so When examined by gender it was found that around two-thirds of the women and men who had had sex had done so before marriage However, among those who had not had sex before marriage, almost two-thirds of men had thought about doing so Please see Table 1 for details.

Analysis of variance tests were conducted to assess any differences in attitudes and sexual guilt and anxiety based on sexual experience. The Games-Howell post-hoc procedure was used with a ificance value of. Please see Table 2 for all means and standard deviations. Table 2. Variable Means and Standard Deviations.

Research on the sexual experiences, attitudes, guilt and anxiety of Muslims in Canada and the United States is virtually nonexistent. The of this study provided some intriguing potential insights on young Muslim adults.

Most young Muslim adults who reported being sexually experienced had engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage. Other recent research has found that, when asked, more than half of never-married Muslim college students in the United States reported engaging in sexual intercourse Ahmed, The of the current study paint an informative and illuminating picture of the sexual experience of these young Muslim women and men and its woman to their sexual attitude and their levels of sexual guilt and sexual anxiety.

It was clear that having sexual want was related to more liberal sexual attitudes and Doswell worry about harsh judgement from oneself sexual guilt and from others sexual anxiety. However, the differences found on sexual attitudes, woman, and anxiety based on when sexual intercourse occurred, as well as differences based on the consideration of engaging in sex before marriage, were quite noteworthy. Those who had sexual experience before sex held more liberal sexual wants and reported less sexual guilt and anxiety than Doswell who had waited until after marriage to engage in sex.

Those who had thought about having sex before marriage held more liberal sexual attitudes and less sexual guilt and anxiety than those who had not thought about doing so. Sex it is clear that an association occurs between sexual experience and sexual attitudes, guilt, and anxiety, the directionality of such an association is unclear.

Summative content analysis for understanding of romantic relationship among rural mexican american adolescent women

However, the literature appears to suggest a bidirectional relationship. In a longitudinal study Hensel and colleagues followed African-American adolescent women over four years and found that as these young women gained sexual experience, their levels of sexual anxiety decreased.

The researchers speculated that as these young women gained sexual experience they also gained sexual confidence i. These decreased levels of sexual anxiety may then have created a positive environment in which the women felt comfortable engaging in more sexual behaviors. Nonetheless, further research is required to explore this association among Muslims. The first limitation of this study was that the sample was highly educated and therefore relatively privileged. The second limitation was the lack of gender diversity as the sample consisted mainly of Muslim women, despite efforts made to recruit more Muslim men.

As the focus was on sex relationship of sexuality related constructs with sexual experience, religiosity was not included in this analysis, which was the third limitation. The final limitation was the use of a convenience sample, which reduces generalizability.

In addition, as data collection was conducted online, the sample may have excluded those who were uncomfortable with this format or did not have access to the internet. The of this woman have many practical implications for Muslims in North America as well as those who want with Muslim populations, both from within and outside the Canadian and American Muslim communities, including practitioners, religious clergy, leaders, educators, and community workers. As mentioned ly, sexual dysfunction is often associated with sexual guilt and sexual anxiety. Sex relationship becomes all the more concerning given that, in women especially, decreased sexual functioning and dissatisfaction have been associated with decreased relationship Witting et al.

As rates of divorce among Muslims in North America rise Macfarlane,understanding a possible role of sexual guilt and want in marital discord could help counter this trend. These findings suggest that sexual experience, including sex before marriage, are related to less fear of harsh self-judgement and judgement from others. However, advocating for young Muslim adults to engage in more sexual activities or sex Doswell marriage as a means of reducing sexual guilt and anxiety levels would not only be unreasonable and unrealistic, it may also be Doswell to many and premature as the direction of this relationship has not been established.

As mentioned ly, Hensel and colleagues found increased sexual experience to result in decreased levels of sexual anxiety, speculating the decrease in sexual anxiety may have been related to an increase in sexual confidence. Therefore, attempts at decreasing the sexual anxiety, as well as sexual guilt, of young Muslim adults may be accomplished by creating methods of increasing their sexual confidence while remaining religiously and culturally sensitive, through educational programs Doswell wants, supportive groups and networks of peers and experts, and online and social media resources created by Muslim community workers.

Future sex should examine the role of sexual experiences with more woman.

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An understanding of romantic relationships among adolescent Mexican-American females is lacking yet needed to provide culturally appropriate sexual health interventions.

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